Enterprise and investigative

A black Dallas family 'did everything America said we should' but still endures racism daily -- This is the gulf in America that people of color feel every day. Whites live on one side, largely unaware it even exists. Families like the Waterses live on the other, exhausted by racial questions intrinsic in each day, each hour, each minute.

The Rise and Fall of a North Texas Con Man -- How a one-time car salesman swindled millions from Dallas' wealthy elite.

Hollow safeguards: Laws to take abusers’ guns unenforced in Dallas County -- This story led Dallas County officials to begin taking guns away from domestic abusers. 

Portrait of a Serial Killer - He went undiscovered for 19 years -- then led authorities to the bodies. Now, one big question remains: Why? 

A disabled Dallas woman faces eviction after getting slammed with late fees higher than her rent -- If you can't afford to pay rent, how can you afford late fees that cost more than your rent?

Short features

5 funerals in 4 days: How Dallas said goodbye to its fallen officers -- To read about their last night, to watch shaky cellphone videos of the ambush that killed them, is not to know these men. 

Taking a stand: Trial is chance to confront her attacker -- Up on the witness stand, healing comes not in perfection, but in persevering. 

In West, a man sits amid the ashes, lost in his memories -- This story won first-place for short feature writing with the Texas APME. 

‘This is the one’: A Princess, a prom dress and a mom’s tears -- You only get one senior prom. One afternoon of dress shopping with your mom. One last slow dance with childhood before it’s gone.

Beat reporting

DA Susan Hawk’s nearly 3-week absence creates buzz at courthouse -- After breaking the story that the district attorney had been to rehab for drug treatment, Sarah again broke news that the official had mysteriously stopped showing up for work. In response, the district attorney admitted she had been hospitalized for what she said was depression. She later resigned. 

Questions of Color -- What color emoji do you use? How do you define privilege? Have you ever been followed in a store? A video project on race and diversity.  

Deadly Affection - A yearlong series tracked every suspected domestic violence homicide in the Dallas area in 2014.

New Baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by football players in 4 years, 'show 'em a good time' culture -- Sarah broke the news of this lawsuit, which alleged that the culture of sexual violence within Baylor's football program was far worse than had previously been reported. 

Deadline writing

In morning light, Dallas tries to process ambush: 'I don't know what safe is' -- The sun rose over Dallas on Friday and, still, helicopters roared, police lights flickered and numbed hearts, not yet fully conscious of the tragedy to which they bore witness, ached.

Collin County family in shock after 3-day-old 'Christmas baby' was killed in tornado --  They went from an extraordinary high — celebrating the birth of a child at Christmastime — to an extreme low — grieving her death, while also grappling with a destroyed home and injuries of their own.

Mother of teen paralyzed by Ethan Couch speaks out: 'We've been in hell' -- He uses his eyes to communicate with her: One blink is "yes." Two blinks is "no."