A black Dallas family 'did everything America said we should' but still endures racism daily -- The Waters family should be enjoying all the fruits of the American dream. 

A disabled Dallas woman faces eviction after getting slammed with late fees higher than her rent -- If you can't afford to pay rent, how can you afford late fees that cost more than your rent?

Hollow safeguards: Laws to take abusers’ guns unenforced in Dallas County -- This story led Dallas County officials to begin taking guns away from domestic abusers. 

The Rise and Fall of a North Texas Con Man -- How a one-time car salesman swindled millions from Dallas' wealthy elite.

Portrait of a Serial Killer - He went undiscovered for 19 years -- then led authorities to the bodies. Now, one big question remains: Why? 

5 funerals in 4 days: How Dallas said goodbye to its fallen officers -- To read about their last night, to watch shaky cellphone videos of the ambush that killed them, is not to know these men. 

Taking a stand: Trial is chance to confront her attacker -- Up on the witness stand, healing comes not in perfection, but in persevering. 

DA Susan Hawk’s nearly 3-week absence creates buzz at courthouse -- Representatives have alternately said the DA is taking “time off,” on a “summer break” and on a “vacation from work.”

Dallas County DA Susan Hawk: I sought drug treatment -- Hawk’s statement came hours after The Dallas Morning News first reported that friends and courthouse colleagues said she spent a month at an Arizona rehab center.

In West, a man sits amid the ashes, lost in his memories -- This story won first-place for short feature writing with the Texas APME.